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The Memphis Songwriters Association is dedicated to the advancement of songwriters in all levels and musical genres. The association has been in existence for more than four decades, working with area musicians and local music industry professionals to promote Memphis Songwriters. In addition to monthly meetings with guest speakers and song critiques, MSA also sponsors songwriter workshops and provides a number of networking opportunities that help to foster songwriting collaborations.

MSA strives to include all genres of music and invites songwriters from all areas to come out to our meetings and share their tunes.  Our hope is to provide a forum for music writers from folk, Americana, country, Christian, blues, rock, hip-hop, soul and pop to:

  • come together to learn more about songwriting
  • network with each other and industry representatives
  • promote our members in Memphis and beyond

While developing your writing skills and personal style as a songwriter, you can

  • learn the craft and business of songwriting
  • meet fellow songwriters
  • network with industry professionals

As a performer you can receive the constructive criticism and feedback needed to enhance individual performance style and image from industry professionals and peers. As an emerging artist in the music industry, you will find out how to get to that "next level”.   At MSA you will find connections to management, gig opportunities and the guidance to avoid those common pitfalls as you navigate the world of performing arts.

There are not many songwriter organizations which have been around for over 40 years. We are well integrated into both the mainstream music industry and the Indie Music community. Your membership and membership fees help us remain integrated into the Memphis/Nashville songwriters community and helps benefit you, as well as our total membership.

By joining us and keeping your membership up-to-date you help us make opportunities for you and our members to excel in and bloom in the ever changing music industry!

Join us, meet with us, and get ready to be a better educated and informed songwriter with a direction to succeed in the industry!



MSA Yearly Membership Rates

Single adult:  $50
Student:  $35
Senior: $35
Corporate: $75
Joint (Married): $75

Physical Membership Applications (available below) must be mailed with cash/check/money order payable to Memphis Songwriters Assocation to the following address:
Memphis Songwriters Assocation
111 S. Highland Street Suite 513
Memphis, TN 38111