Christine Conley

MSA's Songwriter of the Month

February, 2018

My mom says I picked out songs on my granddad’s piano from the age of 4. As a girl I sang all the time and played French horn, guitar, glockenspiel, and ukelele among other instruments. Music was at the center of my life. Then at about age 13, I got crippling stage fright and was unable to perform any more. 
I switched to visual art and went on to make my living making and teaching art. 
But many years later, a near-fatal car accident landed me in the hospital for 3-1/2 weeks. As I recovered, I found myself writing and singing again. That was about 10 years ago. I kept writing and singing, joined MSA and NSAI, attended workshops, got my songs critiqued as often as possible, played out now and again (playing at the Bluebird Cafe was a high). Music is once again a key part of my life. I’ve learned that I like to sing with friends more than I like performing, although, an audience carefully listening to and appreciating a song I’ve written is among the best feelings on the planet. I write, sing, and play for the great pleasure of it. MSA helped me become a better songwriter and gain the courage to perform. And I have met some of the best people you could ever want to meet through it. I became Treasurer and then President of this historic organization, and then stepped down to pass it on to the next generation of songwriters.

My most recent song, on Soundcloud…/let-the-kingdom-come-2-8-18

My art and music website:


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